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For many businesses office paper can be one of their most costly stationery expenses. Office paper is used in huge quantities in the UK every day for a variety of different company purposes. There are many types of office paper products and office paper types and understanding what you need can be difficult. Paper, despite appearances, can differ greatly in quality, usage and weight. Office paper may also behave differently depending on which machine you use it on.   

The most common types of office paper:

Economy Paper

Economy office paper is a good all rounder providing standard results on all types of printers and photocopiers. Economy paper is great for printing rough or quick copies of documents or internal memos. However Economy paper is not the best choice for important documents or printing images as the quality is not high enough. Economy office paper will normally return poor results when printing in colour especially images.

Good For: Home use, Draft copies
Poor For: Colour, Images

Copier Paper

Copier paper has been specially designed to give optimal results for photocopiers. It also doubles as a reasonably good general office paper similar to economy paper. However it does not perform well when used in colour inkjet printers and should not be used for colour laser printing.

Good For: Photocopiers, general use
Poor For: Colour, Images

Inkjet Printer Paper

Inkjet paper is for use in Inkjet Printers and prints in its highest quality for these machines, especially inkjet colour printing. However it can also be used to good effect for general office printing in much the same way as an all-purpose paper. Inkjet paper tends to be more expensive than copier paper but less than multipurpose paper. It is not suitable for colour laser printing.

Good For: Inkjet printing, general use
Poor For: Colour laser printing

Laser Printer Paper

Created especially for use in laser printers as you would expect gives its best results fro these machines. Laser printer paper tends to be more expensive than other standard printer papers. Laser printer paper is ideal for standard office documents such as letters. If you wish to print good quality colour laser images then this is the paper you will require. Laser paper can be used as a general office paper however specific machine paper will be better suited to those machines and give better results.

Good For: Laser printing, Colour laser printing
Poor For: Inkjet printing

Multifunction Paper

As the name suggests this paper can be used with good results in any type of machine. It tends to be more expensive than other paper types but provides the best overall results with the exception of colour laser printing which should still be printed with laser paper. Multifunction paper will create high quality office documents but due to the slightly increased cost may not be a good paper for general or draft printing.

Good For: All machines except colour laser
Poor For: Colour Laser

Wove or Bond Paper

Wove or Bond Paper is high quality paper that sometimes incorporates a watermark or pattern. It is generally used for correspondence and gives an official or legal feel to your documents. It is available in a variety of colours and weights and tends to be much more expensive than other paper meaning it is uneconomical for everyday use.

Good For: Personal Correspondence, Legal Documents
Poor for: General Printing

Paper Weight (gsm)

Paper weight or density is measured in gsm (Grams per square metre). The higher the weight of the paper then the stronger and thicker it is likely to be and usually more expensive. Stronger paper means you can print on both sides and also that ink will not bleed through or be visible on the reverse side. Stronger paper usually allows for greater image quality also.

Typical office paper has 80 gsm, which means a standard A4 sheet (1⁄16 m²) weighs 5 g.

90gsm and 100gsm are also easily available weight sizes for normal office paper. Some laser printer paper and specialist photo paper or graphics paper can be up to 160 or 190gsm.

For most businesses 80 gsm paper is fine for everyday use however you may wish to invest in higher weigh paper if you will be printing official documents such as contracts.

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